The dorado is one of the most beautiful and acrobatic game fish in the sea.  It can be caught throughout the year, but is most plentiful in the warm water from September through March.  It is one of the fastest growing fish, thought to live no more than 5 years.  It can grow to 6 feet and 80 pounds & swim at 60 mph.

Dorado prefer to run in small schools, usually lurking near floating weed lines, logs or debris where baitfish can be found.  If you find one, there are usually others in the vicinity.

Dorados are voracious, aggressive surface feeders preying on squid, small fish and flying fish.  They can be caught on live or dead baits and lures.  Unlike sailfish, they do not play with the bait.  They hit it HARD!

Once hooked, dorado are famous for their long fast runs (sometimes toward the boat) and aerial acrobatics, during which they can often tangle lines or create enough slack in the line to spit the hook.  They can test your rod handling to the limit.

They are famous throughout the world for the quality of their flesh and there is a local recipe for virtually every part of the fish. 

The name “dolphin fish” is used for the dorado in the Gulf Coast.  This sometimes causes it to be confused with the porpoise, which is protected but is also called a “dolphin” in many areas.

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