The black marlin is a great sport fish in the same size range as the blue marlin.  It is heavy and thickset growing to 15 feet in length.  The current world record is almost 1500 pounds.  Its size, speed and acrobatics are a challenge for the most experienced fisherman.

The black marlin is distinguished from the blue and striped marlins by the short thick bill, low dorsal lobe and rigid pectoral fins which cannot be folded back against the body.  Its color is blue-black above and grayish-white below.  Stripes sometimes present may fade quickly after capture.

Black marlin scatter along the same warm 70-85 degree currents as the whites and blues, but often can be found closer to shore.  As with the other marlin species, activity around Acapulco diminishes as the summer proceeds then picks as the waters cool during the winter, peaking in April, May and June.  Blacks are solitary feeders and kill their prey in the same way as the other marlins and sailfish.

Blacks will eat practically any other fish.  More and more are being taken with very large lures, but fresh baits such as whole bonito have always been effective, and are what we prefer to use.

The flesh of the black marlin is well regarded in the Asian Pacific region.  However, for some reason it does not have as good a reputation in Mexico.

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